Patient Special services

We want to offer you a service to help you with discharging
your patients.  We are willing to fill a patient's prescriptions and 
deliver them to you so that you will have the medications as you 
go over them with the patient before he or she goes home.  We 
feel this will help the patient tremendously with the transition 
from the hospital to home. 


In order for us to do this, we will need the patient's full 
profile before we can fill and deliver the prescriptions.  
This includes the patient's full name, home address,  
and telephone number as well as any drug allergies 
or health conditions the patient has and the name 
of the patient's primary care physician.  We will also 
need whatever prescription insurance information the 
patient has, which we can get from a copy of the prescription 
card sent to us or we can work out a form for you to complete.  

We will also need a time that the patient will be discharged. 


We welcome any feedback you might have that will help 
us to serve you as well as possible.  

Feel free to call us at 
or email us at  

We are here to do what we can for you and the patient.

Last Updated: 5/18/2016